Shane's Diary: It's OK Not to be OK.

Shane’s Diary: It’s OK Not to be OK. Want to read Shane’s diary?  A new feature where Shane spills all. 

I Didn’t Properly Mourn Them

cell phone persuasive speech There’s been a lot to process. As I told my Mom and sisters this week, I’m grateful that I’m up here rather than in my normal neck of the woods during one of the worst weeks. Lost a comedic hero and my dear cousin. To be honest, both their deaths have broken my heart. I lost two people I have put in high regard for a good portion of my life. And in wrestling terms, I will shoot with you:

page writing the paper I didn’t properly grieve Aman, Mer, my Aunt, my Uncle. There were so many other deaths that were happening at the time, I brushed them off like i did the `others’ and didn’t look or give them the respect that they deserved. Hence, what I think is PTSD. Not graving people properly just hurts you more in the long run. It’s bottled up and you pay for it in the end. I’m still dealing with (and most likely always will deal with) the aftershocks of Aman, Mer, my Aunt and my Uncle’s deaths.

Keeping Active

follow link I don’t know if it’s my surroundings but I realized today that the Bell Let’s Talk liner, `it’s OK not to be OK” is okay. It’s okay to mourn. And I want to mourn Devon and Heenan the way they aught to be mourned. And I lie,. It IS because I’m up here. Nature reminded me of life’s process’. I’m emotionally drained, but feel content. creation myth essay I’m not looking for a new relationship, but feel so much love. It’s weird. If I were in the city I’m certain I’d have more of the negative than the positive. Nature is neat like that. Since Devon’s death, I’ve been swimming everyday, symbolically letting the water cleanse the pain. I’ve been shooting hoops ’cause Dev and I used to. My pool game is top notch. There’s a jigsaw puzzle in front me of that I don’t think i’ll ever solve but slowly I’m putting down pieces. No rush, One day it’ll be done. The process is the most traumatic, stressful, fun thing i’ll experience, That’s all part of the game.

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