The Time My Bobby The Brain Heenen Action Figure Came with me to Wrestlemania III

The Time My Bobby The Brain Heenan Action Figure Came with me to Wrestlemania III

see url Bobby The Brain Heenan has passed away. The legendary wrestling manager, wrestler and commentator was 73.

I was proud to be a Heenan-guy.

Me, with my sister and cousins by our seats at Silverdome the afternoon of Wrestlemania 3. I was proudly holding my Bobby action figure.

company ownership business plan In 1987 I was 9 years old, living in Toronto and had family in Michigan.  It was my cousins birthday in March, and my uncle bought us all tickets to travel to Detroit to watch Wrestlemania 3 live at the Silverdome in Pontiac.

watch ‘Mania  was being advertised around Hulk Hogan against Andre the Giant with Heenen in the Giant’s  corner.  At the time, I didn’t like Hogan. I wanted to be part of the Heenan family. Obviously I wanted Andre to win.

click We were leaving on Friday for Michigan to return early Monday morning.  I had one task  – picking one of my 50+ WWF action figures to take with me. That wasn’t tough, I took Bobby.  I was a proud Heenan-guy, proudly showcasing him around the Pontiac dome. Over the years, I stole his lines.  As I got smartened up to wrestling, I understood Bobby’s brilliance as a manager. Bobby took bumps like no other. He made his opponent look like a million bucks. The Brain  gave whomever he was managing, street cred. Heenan gave the announcing team legitimacy.

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college application essay help online bad My ID picture for my computer is a picture of Bobby, in his classic finger to the head pose, wearing his flashy black jacket. Two weeks ago at Starbucks, an older guy was sitting next me. As I was signing in, he saw that Bobby was my profile picture. Of course, the whole `I used to love wrestling back in the day’ comments arose. He told me a story where his Dad once drank with Bobby and Andre in New York. Bobby bought the father dinner and told him not to tell anyone or else he wouldn’t have any heat with the fans.

The wrestling world reacts.

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Saddened by the news that arrived this afternoon from Bobby Heenans daughter Jess, that he has passed. Bobby and his…

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